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  • How does it work?
    Select a phone number from your preferred State or Province. Your calls are efficiently managed through a North American Telco switch using SIP Trunk technology, the same reliable system used by major Companies and Government offices for their North American phone services. In simple terms, your calls start and flow through a local US or Canada Telco before reaching your Panama phone via SIP Trunk. This ensures seamless and dependable connectivity, creating the illusion that you are physically present in the US or Canada. This not only saves costs and enhances call quality but also facilitates doing business in the US or Canada while residing in Panama. It's worth noting that many financial institutions and government phone systems struggle with overseas calls, making our service a valuable solution for communication between Panama and North America without the necessity for a second cell plan or roaming charges.
  • Can anyone call me?
    Yes, anyone who can call your US or Canada number can call you regardless of what service provider they are using and the calls will ring to your phone here in Panama
  • Can I port my existing phone number?
    Yes you can. Select "PORT Existing Number" from the Number menu on the order page. Upon registration we will send you an email with instructions. All we will need is a copy of A recent phone bill and your authorization to port your number. Number Porting can add 5 - 10 business days to the account set up process depending on your carrier.
  • Am I locked into a contract?
    No. Our service is month to month. Cancel anytime without penalty.
  • Are there any long distance charges?
    No. You can call anywhere in North America except Alaska and Hawaii free of charge.
  • Can I receive SMS / Text messages?
    Yes! You can send and receive texts via your Canada or US phone number from your cell phone, computer or tablet via our Web portal making account verification, messaging friends, family or colleges easier then ever.
  • How do I set up my voice mail?
    Dial *97 from the app keypad and follow the instructions to set your PIN and record greeting. Our Voice mail to Email is included absolutely free!
  • Do I need data for this to work?
    Yes, you will need to be either connected to WiFi or have a data plan on your phone to make and receive calls. However voice calls use very little data. For example a 10 Min phone call uses approximately 0.03 Gigs of data, a 1hr call would use only 0.21 Gigs of data.
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