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Add a USA or Canada phone number to your local smart phone

$12.00 /mo

Easily add a US or Canada phone number to your Panama Cell phone, enabling direct calls from family, friends, and clients in the US or Canada just like a local call. Plus, enjoy the convenience of making free, crystal-clear calls to anywhere in the US or Canada*.

Free set up, Free Voice Mail, No Contracts

Call display will show your US or Canada number!

How does this work?

Select a phone number from your preferred State or Province. Your calls are efficiently managed through a North American Telco switch using SIP Trunk technology, the same reliable system used by major Companies and Government offices for their North American phone services. In simple terms, your calls start and flow through a local US or Canada Telco before reaching your Panama phone via SIP Trunk. This ensures seamless and dependable connectivity, creating the illusion that you are physically present in the US or Canada. This not only saves costs and enhances call quality but also facilitates doing business in the US or Canada while residing in Panama. It's worth noting that many financial institutions and government phone systems struggle with overseas calls, making our service a valuable solution for communication between Panama and North America without the necessity for a second cell plan or roaming charges.

Still have questions? Send me a quick message below or check out our fequently asked questions page.

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